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Welcome To My Titanic Page Please Look Around! And Enjoy The Many Different Things That I Have On My Page! Let's Keep The Titanic Memory Alive! My Page Is Dedicated To All The Souls Who Died On The Titanic..

Welcome to Titanic

Welcome To My Titanic Page THE ONLINE RESOURCE FOR EVERYTHING TITANIC. This Page Is Going To Focus On The RMS Titanic Which Sank On The Early Morning Of April 15th, 1912, I've Been Really Hooked On The Titanic Ever Since I First Heard It's Story When I Was A Little Boy Around 7 Or 8 and now im 34. I've Read Books And Books On Titanic And Still Can't Get Enough Of It. My Page Will Eventually Have Everything You Could Want On Titanic, And Eventually This Page Will Grow Further Beyond What I Hope Of It. Its Already Exceeded My Expectations Throughout The Past 20 Years. My Site Is Really Well Known. Thanks For Visiting Enjoy Your Stay! follow me on twitter @cliffdimerandy

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Last Updated June 19th, 2017

April 15th 2017, was the 105th Anniversary Of The Sinking. 105 Years Has Passed Since The Titanic Sank. Please Keep The Titanic Memory Alive.

Feb.14th, 2017 was The 20 Year Anniversary Of My Friend Jasens Death In A Snowmobile Accident. I Miss You Jay And Im Always Thinking About You. I Remember The Good Times We Used To Have. RIP Buddy, Ill see you someday. This Page is also dedicated to you. I've created a memorial for him at

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