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Welcome To Bookie And Snookum's Love Nest!

I Love Mandy

Isn't My Baby Cute? I Made This Webpage To Show Mandy How Much She Means To Me. I Love Her And I Would Do Anything For Her. She's So Beautiful. I Love Her! We've Been Together Since May 9th Of 1998. Althought I Might Not Always Show It And I Get Mad Alot I Still Love Her. And I Hope She Loves Me. And I Really Want Her To Know That I Look Out For Her. Because, She Will Always Be My Little Angel. And I Dont Want Anybody To Hurt Her. This Page Is Dedicated To Us And The Love We Share.

Here Are Some Pictures Of Her And Some Of Me And Her.
Here's My Little PinkDaisy Looking Cute.:
And Here She Is Again.:
I Fine She Looks Real Good With Her Hair Like This.:
And Here She Is Again.:
This Is A Nice Picture I Made Of Her.She's So Beautiful.: