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Facts About The RMS Titanic

It and its sister ship olympic were the first ocean liners to have a swimming pool and a gym.

She had a French Cafe with French Chefs.

It had four Parole Suites, the most expensive cabins. Each was 50 feet in length. And two of them had their own promenade deck.

A few years before Titanic was built, a book was written called "The Titan", about a ship that was proclaimed "unsinkable" hit an iceberg and sank with only enough lifeboats for half onboard. The author went down with Titanic.

The first classers would go to the top of the grand staircase on A-deck, even if their staterooms were on C-deck, and go down them to go to dinner.

The Titanic was called: "The Unsinkable" "The Millionaires' Special", she was also called "The Wonder Ship, "The ship of Dreams", and "The Last World in Luxury".

The Titanic had three propellers; the middle one was 16 feet across, and the other two were over 23 feet across.

The boilers of the Titanic were over 15 feet high.

The fourth funnel was fake. The smoke came from the galleries.

There was 29 boilers; each weighing nearly like 100 tons.

The Titanic had a great triple-toned whistle. The largest ever build.

Workers loaded 5,892 tons of coal aboard the Titanic for her maiden voyage. She burned 690 tons per day.

Stokers were working day and night shoveling coal into the boilers that created the steam that drove the giant reciprocating engines.

The Titanic was about 882.9 feet long, and 92.5 feet broad.

The height from the keel, to the top of the funnels was 175 feet.

It had 9 decks, she was as high as an eleven-story building.

There were 4 elevators, 3 in first class and 1 in second class. This was the first boat to have an elevator for second class.

66,000 tons displacement.

The ship weighed 46,328 tons.

The hull weighed 26,000 tons.

The rudder weighed 20,250 lbs.

23 tons of soap, grease, and train oil were used to slide the Titanic into the water. The whole process took only sixty-two seconds for the Titanic to complete her journey down the ways.

The Titanic traveled twice her length, reaching the speed of 12 knots, before coming to a stop by six anchor chains and 2 piles of cable drag chains weighting 80 tons each.

The anchor of the Titanic had a mass of 15.5 tons. They needed 20 horses to pull the anchor.

Her 3 enormous anchors weighed a total of 31 tons.

Each chain link weighed about 175 lbs.

During its construction an astonishing 3 million rivets had been hammered into her hull.

It had four Parole Suites, the most expensive cabins. Each was 50 feet in length. And two of them had their own promenade deck.

For her maiden voyage, she carried enough food to feed a small town for several months.

More than 15'000 people build the Titanic and the Olympic. The largest moving objects that had been constructed that had been constructed at that time.

If placed upright, the Titanic would have being taller than any of the buildings of her day.

Her width was about equal to the hight of a tennis court.

The 4 funnels were so big that 2 trains could go inside.

On May 31, 1911, the hull of the Titanic was launched at the Harland & Wolff shipyards in Belfast, Ireland, before a cheering crowd of 100,000.

The people that reserved the B51 (one of the best suites), which had 3 rooms and its own promenade, paid almost $4,350 (in 1912) for it.

The 325 richest people of the world were in the first class.

JP Morgan, the ship's owner, cancelled his trip right before it left Southampton.

Cost of the Titanic (in 1912): $7,500,000. ($400,000,000 today)

The move Titanic made enough to build two Titanics.

The wealthiest passenger aboard was Colonel John Jacob Astor, with a fortune estimated at around 100 million dollars. He did not survive.

There were 2,223 people aboard; passengers and crew.

The Titanic was built to carry 3,547 passengers.

Titanic almost crashed into the liner "New York" in Southampton.

If Titanic had gone straight into the iceberg head on, it wouldn't have punctured 5 of their watertight rooms. (but in all fairness to the crew, if you see that your ship is about to crash into a huge iceberg, you're gonna turn!)

One lifeboat only had 12 people, and dispite the "women and children first" order, only two women (Lady Duff Gordon and her secretary) were in it. •

Titanic was never christened.

Titanic received 6 iceberg warnings that day but ingored them.

Even though "Nearer My God To Thee" is what is played in the movie, no one knows for sure what sone the band play in those final moments, some have even said that they didn't play at all!

The band played happy songs to cheer the passengers and continued playing until the sinking of Titanic.

The temperature of the water at night was approximately 30 degrees.

Titanic only had enough lifeboats for about half the people onboard, more than required by law.

Crew Salaries:

Captain E.J. Smith, Titanic: £105 a month

Captain Rostron, Carpathia: £53 a month

Seaman Edward Buley: £5 a month

Look-out G.A. Hogg: £5 and 5 shillings a month

Radio Operator Harold Bride: £4 and 8 shillings a month

Steward Sidney Daniels: £3 and 15 shillings a month

Stewardess Annie Robinson: £3 and 10 shillings a month

Costs of Tickets:

First Class (parlor suite) £870/$4,350 ($50,000 today)

First Class (berth) £30/$150 ($1724 today)

Second Class £12/$60 ($690 today)

Third Class £3 to £8/$40 ($172 to $460 today)

This is a small list of what the Titanic Took on her maiden Voyage:

Fresh Meat 75,000 lbs

Fresh Fish 11,000 lbs

Salt & dried fish 4,000 lbs

Bacon and Ham 7,500 lbs

Poultry and game 25,000 lbs

Fresh Eggs 40,000

Sausages 2,500 lbs

Potatoes 40 tons

Onions 3,500 lbs

Tomatoes 3,500 lbs

Fresh Asparagus 800 bundles

Fresh Green Peas 2,500 lbs

Lettuce 7,000 heads

Sweetbreads 1,000

Ice Cream 1,750 lbs

Coffee 2,200 lbs

Tea 800 lbs

Rice,dried beans etc.10,000 lbs

Sugar 10,000lbs

Flour 250 barrels

Cereals 10,000 lbs

Apples 36,000

Oranges 36,000

Lemons 16,000

Grapes 1,000lbs

Grapefruit 13,000

Jams and Marmalade 1,120 lbs

Fresh Milk 1,500 gal

Fresh Cream 1,200 qts

Condensed Milk 600 gals

Fresh Butter 6,000lbs

Tea Cups: 3,000

Dinner Plates: 12,000

Ice Cream Plates: 5,500

Soufflé Dishes: 1,500

Wine Glasses: 2,000

Salt Shakers: 2,000

Pudding Dishes: 1,200

Finger Bowls: 1,000

Oyster Forks: 1,000

Nut Crackers: 300

Egg Spoons: 2,000

Grape Scissors: 1,500

Asparagus Tongs: 400


Ales and Stout 15,000 bottles

Wines 1,000 bottles

Spirits 850 bottles

Minerals 1,200 bottles

Cigars 8,000

57,600 items of crockery

29,000 pieces of glassware

44,000 pieces of cutlery

Aprons: 4,000

Blankets: 7,500

Table Cloths: 6,000

Bed Covers: 3,600

Eiderdown Quilts: 800

Single Sheets: 15,000

Table Napkins: 45,000

Bath Towels: 7,500

Fine Towels: 25,000

Roller Towels: 3,500

Double Sheets: 3,000

Pillow-slips: 15,000