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The Construction Of Titanic

The Construction Of The Titanic

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The Titanic's Anchor It Weighed About 15 Tons.:

Some 14 Thousand Men Employed By The White Star Line Returning Home From A Long Day's Work, In The Background Olympic's Bow Is Visible, Very Nice Picture.:

A Train Taking Passengers To Southampton For There Ill Fated Voyage. Nice Picture.:

The Titanic's Anchor chains.:

The Stern Section Of What I Believe Is the Olympic. The Rudder is Visible, Nice Picture.:

The Stern Section Again Of The Olympic.:

A View Between The 1st And 2nd Stack From The Side.:

The Titanic Near The Dock. If This Picture Would Show More The Olympic Would Be To The Left, The Last Picture Of Titanic And Olympic Together. The Larger Picture Is In My Titanic Pictures Section.:

Nice View Of The Olympic Being Constructed.:

The Propeller Being Attached To The Stern Section By Chain, Note It's Hanging In The Air.:

A Beautiful Picture Of The Titanic's Bow, One Of My Favorite Pictures Of The Titanic.:

A Far Away View Of The Olympic Being Constructed.:

This Could Be The Stern Section Of The Olympic Or The Titanic. Note The Man At The End Of The Stern Who Is Very Small Compared To The Massive Stern. Nice Picture.:

Some Men Helping Construct The Rudder Section. One Guy Looks Like He's Almost Ready To Fall.:

The Olympic Without Her Four Stacks. Really Nice Picture.:

The Titanic's Massive Stack Coming Out Of The Shop.:

The Olympic's Keel Along With Several Workers Posing Beneath The Giant Propellers For A Picture.:

The Titanic's Turbine Engines.:

One Of The Titanic's Watertight Doors Which Could Be Closed On The Bridge By The Switch Of A Button.:

The Rudder Of The Titanic With 3 People Alongside The Keel.:

A Picture Looking Aft Towards The Poop Deck. Nice Picture.:

An Arial View Of The Keel Of The Olympic Or The Titanic.:

This Is The Olympic Under Construction.:

Olympic And The Titanic Next To Each Other In The Construction Dock.:

Titanics Huge Boilers.:

Titanic In The Thompson Graving Dock.: